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Billy Crystal's Oscar Song

Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale
a tale of a giant ship
that started many years ago
with an overbudget script.
The boss was a loud director man
who made accountants sick.
Two studios teamed up to pay
for a three hour flick.
It made a billion dollars now.
I hope this brings some peace.
Some other films deserve a break
like My Giant in three weeks!
My Giant in three weeks.
But Titanic is the story here.
And I gotta tip my hat
To Gilligan [shows Leonardo Dicaprio]
The Skipper too [shows James Cameron]
The propellor guy! [shows a guy slamming into the propellor]
And the ice! [shows the ship crashing into an iceberg]
the movie star [shows Rose in the big hat]
the professor [shows Mr. Andrews] and Mary Ann! [shows Mary Ann]
On Oscar's big night!!