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Rose And Her mom go to their bedroom and get ready.


Ruth: You are not to see that boy again, do you understand me Rose? I forbid it!

Rose: Oh, stop it, Mother. You'll give yourself a nosebleed.

Ruth (wheeling around): Rose, this is not a game! Our situation is precarious. You know the money's gone!

Rose: Of course I know it's gone. You remind me every day!

Ruth: Your father left us nothing but a legacy of bad debts hidden by a good name. And that name is the only card we have to
play. I don't understand you. It is a fine match with Hockley, and it will insure our survival.

Rose: How can you put this on my shoulders?

Rose turns to her mother, and sees the naked fear her Ruth's eyes.

Ruth: Do you want to se me working as a seamstress? Is that what you want? Do you want to see our fine things sold at an
auction, our memories scattered to the winds? My God, Rose, how can you be so selfish?

Rose: It's so unfair.

Ruth: Of course it's unfair! We're women. Our choices are never easy