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Later on the next day, Rose and Jack talk.

Jack tells her about him living on the streets, traveling from place to place. He's an artist.

Rose tells him about her and Cal being engaged. (she doesn't seem happy) She tells him about how she feels with the first class people.

Rose: "You have a gift Jack. You do. You see people."

Jack: "I see you"

Rose: "And?"

Jack: "You wouldn'ta jumped." - click here

Rose(to Jack): Why can't I be like you, Jack? Just head out for the horizon whenever I feel like it.

Rose and Jack talk about how Rose would like to ride a horse someday and do stuff men do. Even spit. Jack finds this funny and tells her one day we'll do it, you'll ride a horse like a man non of that side stuff. Jack tries to teach her to spit.

Then Rose's mom comes and see's her daughter spiiting she's shocked and embarassed.

The dinner horn sounds

Rose goes with her mom to get ready. Jack has no good clothes, so this lady Molly offers him some(she's first class, but very kind and not stuck up)

They go get ready.........