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Rose: Will this light do? Don't artists need good light?

Jack: (bad French accent) Zat is true, I am not used to working in such 'orreeble conditions. (seeing the paintings) Hey... Monet! (He crouches next to the paintings stacked against the wall. )

Rose: (sying to Jack): Isn't he great... the use of color? I saw him once... through a hole in this garden fence in Giverny.

(She goes to the safe and start working the combination.)

Rose: Cal insist on luggin this thing everywhere.

Jack: Should I be expecting him anytime soon?

Rose: Not as long as the cigars and brandy hold out. CLUNK! (She unlocks the safe. Glancing up, she meets his eyes in the mirror behind the safe. She opens it and removes the necklace, then holds it out to Jack who takes it nervously.)

Jack: What is it? A sapphire?

Rose: A diamond. A very rare diamond, called the Heart of the Ocean.

Jack gazes at wealth beyond his comprehension.

Rose: I want you to draw me like your French girl. Wearing this. (she smiles at him)

Jack: Alright

Rose: Wearing only this. - click here

Jack looks at her shocked

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