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Rose goes on the deck by the bow where she see's Jack

Rose: Hello, Jack.

He turns and she is standing there.

Rose: I changed my mind.

He smiles at her, his eyes drinking her in. Her cheeks are red with the chill wind, and her eyes sparkle. Her hair blows wildly

about her face.

Rose: Fabrizio said you might be up--

Jack: Sssshh. Come here.

He puts his hands on her waist. As if he is going to kiss her.

Jack: Close your eyes

She does, he faces her towards the direction the boat is going.

Jack: Do you trust me?

Rose: I trust you.

He leads her carefully to the railing and tells her to climb it. She does, Jack is holding on to her by hugging her.


Jack: Open your eyes.

Rose:(Gasps, surprised), I'm flying, Jack, I'm flying - click here

Jack:(singing) Come Josephine on my flying machine, going up she goes, up she goes. - click here



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